The Alaskan Adventure - 94 Days - 9,114 Miles

Port Angeles, Washington

August 27-28

Port Angeles KOA

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It seems that we have started a good tradition.
We visit Pat and Ben every even year and they visit us every odd year.
Every time we meet it is like we never parted. We just pick up where we left off.

Even though their mailing address is Sequim, they actually live in Gardiner.
But Gardiner evidently is not large enough to have a post office.

Sequim is really growing. They are in the process of building a Home Depot.
I guess HD heard of Ben's continuous remodeling!

While here we stopped at Jiffy Lube for our second oil change of the trip.
But that's another story for another time!

They are suppose to be making dinner!

Carolyn's daughter, Emily likes to draw in the bedroom in private.
The ever smiling Emily did not like having her space invaded.
She is spending the weekend with Pat and Ben while Carolyn and Patrick celebrate their anniversary.

Pat's Mom, Lillian, is spending time in Washington.
She can't understand how people can live in such a cold place
and can't wait to get back to Florida.
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