The Alaskan Adventure - 103 Days - 10,193 Miles

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Colter Bay RV Campground

September 1 - 6

Part A

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Mom and I never visited Grand Teton National Park. In 1987 we did have plans to stop here while on our way from Salt Lake to Yellowstone National Park. But we had transmission problems and it set us 5 days behind in our schedule. So we drove through the night to get from Salt Lake to Yellowstone and by passed Grand Teton.

Grace, Iris, Zac, and Luke will remember me stopping the car and waking them up early in the morning to see Grand Teton as we were passing it. They wanted to stay in the car and see it, but mean old dad made them get out of the car in the cold morning!

I'm not sure if they had their eyes open or not. So now they can see what they missed.

This time when we left Idaho the clouds were moving in. They followed us and slowly covered the peaks of the Tetons. We came here for 5 nights had such an interesting time we extended for a sixth. It turned out to be great. The last day here it was completely cloudless. So the pictures of the peaks taken the last day are the best.

We just entered Grand Teton National Park.
The tallest peak is Grand Teton. The clouds were comming with us.

Our second day here and the clouds kept the peak hidden.
We did drive around to read all of the points of interest boards.

This was the first coyote wich we saw this close on our trip.

Momma Elk and young Elk.
They are wondering why we are in their woods.

The square in Jackson, Wyoming.
Each corner has a arch of elk antlers like this one.
There is a National Elk Refuge near the town. The major herds go north for the summer. In the early winter they return and spend their time in the refuge. The Jackson Boy Scout troop collects the antlers on the refuge and then holds an auction. The money from the auction is given to the refuge. No one else is allowed to collect the antlers.

Colter Bay Marina. The bay is off Jackson Lake.
The lake is 40 feet below normal and has been for several years.
All of the floating docks are resting on the floor of the bay.
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