The Alaskan Adventure - 103 Days - 10,193 Miles

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Colter Bay RV Campground

September 1 - 6

Part B

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There are many trails to hike in the Tetons.
We selected from the "easy to moderate" list and got to see some great scenes. The one shown here is the trail from the Jenny Lake Visitors center to Hidden Falls.

It rained last night, so Mom has to tip toe around the puddles.
We are on the trail to Hidden Falls.

This rat looking guy is a Pika. He is actually a member of the rabbit family.
He lives along side the trail and makes a loud sound. It sounds like a kazoo.

The trail winds it way around and over moraine and ends up going half way around Jenny Lake. Jenny Lake is glacier fed and has a nice blue-green color when the sun is out. Unfortunately, the sun is presently behind some very thick clouds.

We left the lake and are now headed up 300 feet to the falls.
None of the pictures of the falls look good so we will not bore you.

After climbing back down from the falls we decide to take a boat ride across the lake and back to the Jenny Lake marina. So we only hiked 3 of the 5 miles.

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