The Alaskan Adventure - 103 Days - 10,193 Miles

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Colter Bay RV Campground

September 1 - 6

Part C

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The Tetons consists of 13 peaks which are all above 11,000 feet.
There are two things which makes the Tetons stand out.
The first being that there are no foothills.
The second is the valley which they are next to. The valley is called Jackson's Hole and it is at an elevation of 6,900 ft. It's about 45 miles long and 20 miles wide. There are a couple of 600 ft. mountains (piles of moraine), some deep potholes, and several aqua lakes. Jackson's Hole is completely surrounded by mountains. The tallest (13,770 feet) being Grand Teton.

When you stand on top of one of mounds, you can see the whole valley and a good view of the Tetons beyond the lakes.

We are on top of Signal Mountain viewing the Tetons.
That is Jackson Lake in the foreground.

This is the view on the other side of Signal Mountain.
That is the Snake River down below. It starts in Yellowstone NP and winds it way through Wyoming and Idaho and connects to the Columbia River in Washington.

One of the many Mule Deer which we have seen along the way.
In the National Parks they are use to humans and will not run off unless you move fast or get too close.

Taken after 5:30 mass Saturday at The Chapel of the Sacred Heart.
Located in the National Park.
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