The Alaskan Adventure - 106 Days - 10,255 Miles

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Fishing Bridge RV Campground

September 7 - 9

Part A

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The last time we came to Yellowstone National Park was the summer of 1987. The following year there was a major fire which consumed most of the trees in the park. The firefighters had a hard time just saving the park's buildings. They did loose almost 200 buildings, but none of them important ones.

The park consists of 5 major sections. Mammoth Country, Geyser Country, Roosevelt Country, Canyon Country, and Lake Country. To drive through all of them in one day is almost impossible. There are two loops which connects the 5 areas. Each loop is over 100 miles of winding and hilly narrow 2 lane road. And, presently, there is a lot of road work going on. So we did not get to each location, but we did hit, what we feel are the best spots.

The fire was 16 years ago and the forest is slowly coming back. The heat from the fire causes the pine cones to drop their seeds. So the forest is naturally planted after the fire.

The drive into the park and to the Fishing Bridge Campground passes through much of the 1988 fire area (which covers most of the park). Here you can see the new (16 years old) trees growning among the old burned out stems.

There are large several lakes on the Fishing Bridge (Yellowstone Lake) side of the Park. Yellowstone lake is in the background. You can see the burned out stems all over.

More of the fire area.

A Mud Pot Geyser.
Geysers come in many flavors. Some geysers just bubble up hot water.
When the hot water passes through dirt on the way to the surface it creates a "mud pot."

Another Mud Pot.

On the way back to the campground we passed these two Elk feeding.
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