The Alaskan Adventure - 106 Days - 10,255 Miles

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Fishing Bridge RV Campground

September 7 - 9

Part B

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Canyon Country.
This is one area which I think Grace, Iris, Zachary, and Luke will remember from our 1987 trip. We did some hiking in the Yellowstone Canyon area.

Upper Falls at Yellowstone Canyon.
Do you guys remember hiking down to the brink of the falls?

Here is Mom at the brink of the upper falls.

This is what it looks like as we move down the canyon.

It is really a beautiful sight.
We lucked out with the weather. A sunny, but windy day.

We saw a lot of doe Elks. They seem to hang around in populated areas.
Here is a buck. They tend to stay from the populated areas.

Here is a buck Elk passing a fisherman in the Yellowstone River.
You can see a geyser behind him pumping hot water into the river.

Here is a wild Jaugar resting in Yellowstone National Park.
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