The Alaskan Adventure - 106 Days - 10,255 Miles

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Fishing Bridge RV Campground

September 7 - 9

Part C

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Geyser Country.
Here is the most famous part of Yellowstone National Park.
Old Faithful and the Old Faithful Inn.

There are many geysers in all of Yellowstone. Geyser Country has the most famous geysers.

Old Faithful and a rainbow.
It is not the largest geyser or one that lasts the longest.
But it is the only one which is very predictable.

These Elk were next to the Old Faithful viewing area. They were watching all of the people coming to see what they see everyday.

Beehive Geyser.
This geyser shoots the highest of any in the park and also last much longer than Old Faithful. Most of the people viewing it from the other side had to move. The wind was blowning in their direction.

On the way back from the geysers, these two Bison were on the walkway.
They seem to be a husband and wife team. Where ever he (larger bison) went she would follow. They were on the walkway. We waited until they decided to move off.

Inside Old Faithful Inn. It is the largest log structure in the world.

Mom finding out that we cannot get Old Faithful restaurant reservations until tomorrow. We came back later and there was a cancellation. So we got in. We would have had to drive over 50 miles (one way) to come back tomorrow.

Having a great meal in the Old Faithful Inn.
We met a Japanese travel agent at the next table. She had a group of 40 from Tokyo. and was continuously jumping up to find out if everything was going ok. None of her clients could speak english. That is her standing behind us talking with one of the waiters.
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