The Alaskan Adventure - 106 Days - 10,255 Miles

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Fishing Bridge RV Campground

September 7 - 9

Part D

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Geyser Basin, Part of Geyser Country.
The geysers in Geyser Basin are in the form of hot springs. The water carries many different kinds of minerals up and out of the ground. These minerals are then deposited in pools in which the minerals separate from the water and dry. The continuous flow causes these pools to form very interesting formations.

Here you can see the hot springs on top of the hill steaming.
The hot water overflows the pools and flows down into the river below.

The hot water flowingdown the hill leaves much of the minerals behind.

The pools consist of very hot water. They are clear and aqua.
Around the pools, lime and rust are the two main colors.

This one is not steaming like the others.
You can see the color much better.

This is in another part of the park. It is a geyser which just has a bubble of water which pops up every now and then. It is passing through a bed of limestone. Therefore the area around it is covered with white limestone deposits.

Looking down into one of those which just bubble every now and then.
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