The Alaskan Adventure - 106 Days - 10,255 Miles

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Fishing Bridge RV Campground

September 7 - 9

Part E

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Mammoth Country.
The geysers in this part of the park are also in the form of hot springs. These springs seem to carry more minerals than the ones in the Geyser Basin. Therefore the mineral deposits grow much higher and in different forms.

When we left Yellowstone and headed east we covered the most scary part of the trip. They are in the process of tearing up the park entrance road from Cody, Wyoming. It pass through a very deep and steep valley. The road bed has been removed and they are in the process of making it wider. The road was only open from 6 AM to 10 AM and 6 PM to 10 PM. Even though it was open, we had many sections which were only one lane. We had to stop whenever on coming car/truck/RV's would appear. It was very narrow and in many places the road went around very sharp corners that you could not see on coming traffic until it was on top of you. The speed limit was 25 MPH for most parts. Some turns were at 10 MPH. So the 60 mile drive to get out of the park took over 3 hours to complete. We were so concerned with watching the road that we did not take any pictures.

The drive to Mammoth Country takes you through a different type of environment.
The other countries in the park seem to contain only forests, rivers, and lakes. To get to Mammoth Country you have to drive through rough canyons of sheer cliffs and bolders.

The road is passing through bolders which look like they were just dropped randomly along the way.

This mound has hot water flowing over it. The mineral deposits are building up to a very tall mound.

This is the side view of the same mound as before.
Mom thinks it looks like a Buffalo.
You can see the different geysers which are building this mound pass through different materials and produce colors along the body of the Buffalo.

The whole side of this hill is covered with the minerals brought up by geysers. As the water flow changes the steps are grown and the trees are buried.

Another look at the steps in the Mammoth Hot Springs Country.
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