The Alaskan Adventure - 120 Days - 12,447 Miles

On the Road Home

Dayton Tall Timbers KOA

Dayton, Ohio

September 22 - 23

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We stopped here to visit with Christine and Jon Freitag.
They live in a century house which was refurbished by the city. I was surprised to see how good of a job the city did. The kitchen is modern and very user friendly. The hardwood floors were refinished to look as good as new.

Also in Dayton is the US Air Force Museum, located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It is the largest and oldest military aviation museum in the world. When I had to attend meetings at the base in 1974 I remember driving by, but not having the time to stop in. The museum has increased in size greatly since that time. I told Mom that we would probably spend about 3 hours touring it. I was wrong, we spent 4 hours and only saw about half of the displays. Mom kept telling me to skim! I was spending too much time reading and thinking. It covers the history of aviation from balloon, to glider, to powered flight. It also includes modern planes and weapons.

A million dollar motorhome with a million dollar paint job.

Christine and Jon in their kitchen.

Christine and Jon's daughter, Laine, showing Mom some of her toys.

Early military aviation.
An early Wright plane. Over head - an airship and biplane.

This was a very interesting plane. I don't remember it's designation.
There are two P51 fuselages connected by wings and tails. The pilot in one and the copilot in the other. Only a few of these were produced. The jet plane made it obsolete before it hit production.
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