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Fort Laramie, Wyoming

September 11

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This was one of our unscheduled stops. As we were driving by we noticed that it was a National Park Historic site. Since we are Golden Age members and have a National Park Passport Book, we decided to stop and have a look see. The Golden Age got us in for free and we got five more stamps in the passport. Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Pony Express National Historic Trail, Oregon National Historic Trail, California National Historic Trail, and Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail.

Fort Laramie was a crossroads for most trails going west and also a stop on the Pony Express which went between Saint Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California. It was also in a lot of western movies.

When we stopped, I expected to see a fort similar to the French Fort on Onondaga Lake. But due to the lack of trees in this area, there was no stockade fence or log cabins. Everything was made of brick and adobe. Most of the building are long gone. There are about 10 buildings of various types which have been restored by the National Park.

One of the restored barracks for the enlisted cavalry. Most of the men in the fort were infantry. They outnumbered the cavalry by 5 to 1.

The barracks contained everything for a full company of cavalry. From uniforms, bedding, rifles, kitchen and dining. Everything was behind glass walls.

They left part of this building unrestored so you could see how it was built.

There was no town near the fort back then. So, the fort had it's own bar.

Mom is waiting for service. Which never came.
The bartender was full of tales from when the fort had it's heyday.
Now she is trying to pick up a younger guy!!

A 1883 Winnebago on a Workhorse Chassis.
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