The Alaskan Adventure - 117 Days - 12,081 Miles

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Gateway Arch, Saint Louis, Missouri

Sundermeier RV Park, Saint Charles, MO

September 19 - 20

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The Gateway Arch is actually part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.
Thomas Jefferson started the western expansion by commissioning Lewis and Clark's exploration of the Louisiana Purchase. They started their exploration from this point on the Mississippi River.

We went up into the top of the Arch. You have to ride a very small tram. The tram has 8 very small enclosed cars. Each car holds 5 people very close. It is not for someone claustrophobic. Because the sun was on the arch, the ride was sort of warm and stuffy.

Mom waiting to go under the arch.
The National Park Museum of Westward Expansion is under the arch along with several good movies and the trams to ride up into the arch. One of the movies is a very good documentary of the building of the arch.

Up 630 feet and ready to look out the view ports.

A view of the Old Court House from the Top of the Arch.

When the designed the arch they assumed that many of us would have a big stomach to rest while looking out the window.

A view of the stainless steel arch.

After coming down from the arch.
Mom thinking about everything she has seen on this trip and thanking God for giving us the opportunity.

It's a good thing they did not build it any taller.
The moon just missed it.

As the sun sets under the arch,
we are nearing the completion of our Alaska Adventure.

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