The Alaskan Adventure - 114 Days - 11,475 Miles

On the Road Home

Winnebago Factory, Forest City, Iowa

September 14 - 17

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We never did see how Winnebago put their motorhomes together.
So we decide to take a side trip to see what is inside our motorhome.

After seeing the factory, we decide to get some of the warranty items taken care of. We did plan to wait until after the Letchworth campout. But, felt that it may be easier to have it taken care of at the factory. They have 20 bays in the Customer Service area to work on warranty items.

It took four days to get a short list of items worked on. (They would only work on seven items without a reservation.) We had to wait for a day before they could get started. While waiting you would stay in a waiting room like a hospital waiting room. Everyone sat around and talked about their motorhome problems. We heard everything! One couple had to stay at a motel because they were having the whole side of their motorhome replaced due to bubbling.

They give you a free site in their campground (electric only). You drop the motorhome off at the Customer Service center at 7 AM. They work on it until 3 PM and then bring the motorhome out for you to spend the night in the campground.

Our first night there we had he worst rain storm. High wind and over 6 inches of rain overnight. It caused flooding in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa.

The Winnebago campground, over 300 sites. Just about everyone has satellite dishes.
The campground is used for rallies, caravans, dealers, factory parties and warranty clients.

They have many children's rides which are available for big parties.

The rides are well maintained. A small railroad winds through the trees.

The flooding caused by the rain last night.
The 18 th. hole (Bear Creek), 256 yards. I'm standing on the tee. The green is off in the distance.

I'm standing on another green. That is the tee across the water. The cart path leads down into the water.

Here is the green. The cart path from the tee is on the other side of the flooded bridge. I do not understand why no one is playing today. The course plays a lot different in the flood. They could be using a golf canoe.
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