Cleveland, Ohio

Punderson State Park Campground

August 4 - 7

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We came to Cleveland to share in April and Joe's wedding. The wedding and reception was great. They had a perfect day; weather wise, wedding wise, and reception wise.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to the wedding and most of my pictures from the reception did not turn out very well. My camera shutter in flash mode operates between 1/8 and 1/30 of a second which is too slow if holding the camera or if people move. (I think I'm talking myself into a new camera. Sarah has a much better camera than I do and I think I am getting jealous.)

We also had a great time and brunch on Sunday at Kathy and David's house.

We arrived at Punderson SP Campground on Thursday and then met Mary Lee and Ron at Blazin Bills BBQ for dinner. Elmer and Jim also stopped by to chat. Thanks Mary Lee and Ron for a great BBQ.

On Friday we spent the evening having dinner and visiting Karen and Steve. Karen is doing well recovering from having her knees replaced. Thanks for a great dinner and a very pleasant evening.

Also, a surprising item. Beth gave us tickets to a Neil Diamond concert for Sunday evening. Carloyn, Luke, Mom and I had a wonderful time listening to some of our old time favorite music. Many of you remember us driving to Florida through the night listening to Neil Diamond. I'm sure after playing it for 20 hours straight, you guys got tired of it.

He sang many of his most popular songs. One that Luke missed was "Song Song Blue". But to make up for it, he sang "Sweet Caroline" twice.

The one which really hit me was "Coming to America." We were in front of a video screen which usually had Neil Diamond or one of his band on it. But during Coming to America there were scenes showing immigrants with sad faces crammed on small ships and rough seas. But when they came into view of the Statue of Liberty they smiled from ear to ear. It showed them leaving the ship at Ellis Island. All of this done while Neil Diamond was singing. All I could think of was Dad, 16 years old, getting off of the ship with hope of a new and better life ahead. Thanks Dad for your courage to set out on your own.
Thanks again Beth for the concert tickets.

Dottie and Joe being anounced at the reception.

April and Joe being anounced.

Cake cutting time.

Sitting around the pool at Kathy & Dave's house.

We did have some good time for talking.

The kids had a great time in the pool.

Some of the older guys talking.

On the way to our next campground we unexpectedly passed the newest National Park. Cuyahoga Valley National Park was designated a National Park in 2000.
So we stopped in to get our National Park Passport stamped.
If we did not have campground reservations for tonight we would have spent several days here looking around and riding the train which runs through the park.

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