Chillicothe, Ohio
Sun Valley Campground
August 8 & 9
573 miles and 4 days into the trip.

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We are "On the Road Again"

Stopped here in Chillicothe to see the outdoor drama about the Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh. The presentation was outstanding. We highly recommend it to everyone, even if you have to go out of your way to get here. But watch out, the unexpected noise from the guns and cannons causes you to jump. There are indians, frontiersmen, and horses continuously running and fighting all over the set.

We were not allowed to take a camera into the amphitheater.
So I had to take pictures of the brochures.

Also, our campground was only five miles from the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. We spent several hours watching an informative movie and touring the grounds at the Park. This park is called the Mound City.

Tecumseh asking his people to support his effort against the white man.

This is the younger brother of Tecumseh.
He actually caused the downfall of Tecumseh.

The Mound City layout description panel.
Besides the various burial mounds, there is a ring which encloses the mounds.
Unfortunately, during the first world war, the army used this site for a training ground and damaged many of the mounds.
The two breaks in the ring were made so the modern person can easily enter the city.

Entering the Mound City.

One of the many mounds which were dug up, analyzed, then put back together.

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