Bardstown, Kentucky - Part B
White Acres Campground
August 10 & 13
818 miles and 6 days into the trip.

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Heaven Hill Distilleries is the largest independent family-owned producer and marketer of distilled spirits. The have the second largest store of bourbon in the world. Their major bourbon brands are: Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna, Fighting Cock, and Old Fitzgerald. They also have the best distillery tour.

They had a fire here in 1996 and lost their distillery and several storage buildings. Now they have a new distillery in Louisville and have replaced the storage buildings. They now split each days batch between each of their storage buildings. That way they will never loose all of the supply from a given day. They have also built storage buildings in several other cities. All of this because of what they lost during the fire.

The entrance to the Heaven Hill Heritage Center.
That is one of the bourbon storage buildings in the background. It's about half the size of their other storage buildings.

The Heaven Hill Heritage Center
The roof is made of copper, in remembrance of the old copper kettles.
The walls are made of limestone, limestone is what filters the water in KY.
The floors are made of white oak, which is used to make the barrels.
The tour started with a movie about the founders of Heaven Hill.

Inside the smaller storage building.
It is 7 floors high. Each floor has barrels stored 3 high, 32 deep, and 24 wide.
That's 2,304 barrels in their smallest storage building.
They stay stored for 7 or 18 year! Every day they remove several old barrels and in add several new barrels.

The identification labeled on the top of each barrel identifies the distillery, produce, date, size, and serial number of the barrel. This barrel is dated 04 (2004), I (Sept), 29 (29th day). The serial number is 1119298. And this like all of the barrels holds 53 gallons.

After the movie and tour of the storage building, we took time to view their very interesting museum. The barrel shaped room holding the various bottles of their products contained a tasting bar.

This was one of the interesting displays.
The left barrel shows a full barrel of new bourbon.
The right two barrels show how much has evaporated after 7 and 18 years.
The horns under the barrels will give you a blast of air which identified the odor for each of the above barrels.

After the bourbon tasting (one shot of 7 year old and one shot of 18 year old) we were given bourbon chocolate candy. The bartender was also our guide.

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