Bardstown, Kentucky - Part C
White Acres Campground
August 10 & 13
818 miles and 6 days into the trip.

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Instead of going to see Toyotas being assembled,
we decided to tour the General George Patton museum at Fort Knox.
Uncles Joe, Elmer, and Steve all know about Fort Knox.
But I think that the Patton museum was built after they were here.

We saw a very detailed and outstanding movie about the life of General Patton.
What I never knew was that he suffered from dyslexia. He had a very hard time in all of his schooling. He failed his first year at West Point and was allowed to repeat. Because of his dyslexia, he had to memorize his lessons. It forced him to work and study very hard, which he did his whole life. Because of this he insisted that all of his subordinates work as hard. This is something which we did not get out of the old movie Patton.

The United States Gold Bullion Depository.
Located at Fort Knox.

Now for a few hours of touring a very remarkable museum.

World War I Tank
This was the U.S. Army's first tank.

They were having a special exhibit of Elvis Presley's army life.

Here is a motorcycle which Kenny would like for his camp.

Here is a German tank with the side cut off and dummies in position.
Most of the tanks were set up with their doors open so you could see how cramped it was inside.

Even Mom was interested in the tanks.

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