Bardstown, Kentucky - Part D
White Acres Campground
August 10 & 13
818 miles and 6 days into the trip.

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My Old Kentucky Home State Park is in Bardstown. It encompasses Federal Hill, which includes the house which Stephen Foster wrote about. Stephen Foster's cousin, who was a judge and teacher of the law to prospective lawyers, owned the house which is sung about in "My Old Kentucky Home."

The Park includes a large amphitheater, welcome center, outstanding golf course, and a campground with only 35 sites, none with sewer. We wanted sewer so we made reservations at White Acres. On the way to the Maker's Mark distillery we took the time to drive through the State Park campground. The campground has many tall trees and the sites are in complete shade all day. It would have been much better to camp there and use the dump station. At White Acres we are out in the direct sun. The sun is so hot you cannot put your hand on the outside of the motorhome.

The welcome sign outside the Welcome Center.

Stephen Foster's "My Old Kentucky Home"

Judge Rowan's Office, just down the hill from his house.
He used it to run his law business, review his cases, and teach law.

That's a bronze statue of Stephen Foster holding a flute..
Besides being "America's first professional song writer,"
he also played and taught the flute.

The Old Talbott Tavern
No trip to a unique place like Bardstown would be complete without a meal at the locally recommended restaurant. This is known as the oldest (1779) western stagecoach stop in America.

Having a great desert after a mediocre meal.

After the meal we walked around the small downtown area. Looking inside the local drug store I saw this soda fountain. It was after hours and the lighting was not too good, but the picture turned out ok. The soda fountain I worked at Baskin Drugs in Cleveland only had 6 stools.

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