Blue Eye, Arkansas - Part A
Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks
On Table Rock Lake - Near Branson, MO
August 15 - 20
1463 miles and 16 days into the trip.

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This is another of our Outdoor Amphitheater Drama Stops. Branson is loaded with entertainment and tourists. It is a little too touristy for us. Most of the shows are very similar; part country music, country comedy, an impersonator, and a headliner.

The Outdoor Drama, Shepherd of the Hills, was very good. Good story, set, and acting.

Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks is a new resort which is just starting phase 2 of a 3 phase building effort. It is a little too far off of the main roads. There are no cell phone towers, no cable TV, and very weak air link TV signals. So I called Dish Network using the landline phone and re-subscribed. So we are staying up late every night watching TCM.

Shepherd of the Hills drama set.
While waiting for the start of the drama, they had the kids in the audience come down and participate in bull frog races. Naturally, all of the workers act like Ozark Hillbillies. The bearded guy was the one who handed out the bull frogs and explained the race.

The race did not start yet but this frog had other ideas. This poor kid chased it all over the set trying to catch it. Some of the frogs were huge. This one was small but fast.

Because the play was suspenseful they kept the set on the dark side.
Good for suspense, bad for picture taking.

Here they were getting ready for a square dance and had to chase the town bully away.
The intermission started just after this scene. During the 15 minute intermission, the audience participated in the square dance with the actors.

Our site at Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks.
Most of the sites were empty. We are not sure when the peak season is here.

Mom enjoying the view from our site.
Our site is a quarter way up the hill from Table Rock Lake.

Mom enjoying the rays at the pool.
We always like a site near the pool, that's our site in the background.

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