Blue Eye, Arkansas - Part B
Outdoor Resorts of the Ozarks
On Table Rock Lake - Near Branson, MO
August 15 - 20
1463 miles and 16 days into the trip.

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As I said in part A, ORA of the Ozarks is a little too far off of the main road. It's a 35 minute, 18 mile drive on a narrow 2 lane road; no shoulders; many hills, dips, humps, and turns; and no passing most of the way. I felt sorry of the cars behind us.

When you first arrive at the resort you come over a rise in the 2 mile long drive and see a marvelous camping resort over looking Table Rock Lake. Most of the phase 1 sites are well manicured, very much like the sites at other Outdoor Resorts.

Driving back to the campground from Branson at night, after The Shepherd of the Hills drama, was really tough. They do not believe in street lights at intersections on the back roads of the Ozarks. And the roads are not well marked.

The view from the swimming pool near our site.
This pond overflows and falls down the hill through a rock garden.
You can see one of the greens for their par 3 golf course in the background.

This is the view from the bottom looking up toward the pool.

The campground has this floating dock for it's owners.

Looking back at the campgound from the end of the dock.
There was only one boat docked and two ski-do's.
I guess it is off season??

It was very peaceful just sitting and watching the boats pulling the skiers and donuts. The rolling caused by the small waves made it even more relaxing.

The owners of this site put in their own water fall which had a gold fishpond at it's base. They also had a large flower garden on the left side of the site. Were not sure what is under the enclosure on the right.

This is the site next to our left.
They have a fountain which flowed all day and night.
We left a window open so we could hear the water flow all night.

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