Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas - Part A
August 24
1784 miles and 21 days into the trip.

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Petit Jean State Park is Arkansas' first State Park. It is located on top of Petit Jean mountain. The mountain and state park is named after the legendary figure Petit Jean. Her French fiancée was sailing to explore the new world and she was not allowed to accompany him. So she secretly signed on as a cabin boy and made the trip working on the ship. She said that her name was Jean and on the ship they called her Petit Jean, which means little John. When the ship arrived in the new world it sailed up the Mississippi and into the Arkansas river. As they approached this mountain it looked like a huge ship in the middle of the valley. So they docked and spent the summer on top of the mountain with the Indians. In the fall, when it was time to return to France, she became ill and that is when they found out who she was. She died and was buried on top of the mountain.

The mountain is steep on all sides. The road up and down has many switch backs and a 20MPH speed limit. It is also flat on top. There is a small airport, many farms, and the state park which has a large lake.

Arkansas State Parks reconize the National Parks Golden Age Passport. So our water and 30 amp electric campsite only cost $7.97 with tax. It is cheaper for us to live here than at home! I wish the other states would honor that passport.

Our $7.97 Campsite.
There was an opening in the trees and our satellite dish worked.

One of the many observation locations in the State Park.
The Arkansas River is in the background. The Ozarks are off in the distance.

This is the view which Mom was looking at in the first picture.

The 1923 YMCA office.
The YMCA had a camp up here and this was used as their camp office.
It is made from "Rainbow Rock."

Rainbow Rock.
It contains dark bands of iron oxide.

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