Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas - Part B
August 24
1784 miles and 21 days into the trip.

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Petit Jean State Park has some interesting hiking trails.
The temperature and humidity was in the high 90's.

The state park has a large campground, lodge, olympic size swimming pool (closed for season), and Boat House (closed for season) where they rent boats & canoes.

We started in the shade of the trees, but now we are out in the open.
That is one of the trail markers. We are on the trail to Rock House Cave.

These mounds are called Turtles.
Over the years the softer ground bubbled up and harder crust broke.
It looks like the back of a turtle.
On the lower left of the picture is the sign explaining the Turtles.

This part of the trail reminds us of 8th. Lake.

We made it to the entrance of "Rock House Cave."

Mom looking for the Indian drawings inside Rock House Cave.
The Indian drawings are all destroyed. They had a sign which showed what they looked like before the modern white man decided to destroy them.

Part of Lake Roosevelt.
The boat house and campground are on the right.

This is the south end of the mountain. The lake flows over a falls and then down through a river which over the years created this notch. That is the same mountain on both sides of the notch.

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