Mountain View, Arkansas
Blue Sky Campground
Arkansas Folk Center State Park
August 25
1881 miles and 22 days into the trip.

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The Arkansas Folk Center State Park was created to help maintain and demonstrate the Folk Arts of the Arkansas Ozarks. It is open during the day when you can walk through huts with various skills being demonstrated and the hand made products sold. From Blacksmith, to woodwork, to sewing, to singing, and alot more. They also have an evening music performance with professionals performing in an large amphitheater. Besides some great music and singing they had many funny family jokes.

Mountain View is a small town in the Ozark mountains with a small town square. Every night various musicians and singers gather around the town hall in various groups sitting folding chairs and play mountain, religious, and popular tunes. It was almost as good as the professional we heard in the amphitheater.

High Cotton.
Theses were the daytime performers who play in the State Park on Thursdays.
They each took turns with playing solo's, singing, and telling jokes.
The fellow with the violin also played the banjo and mandolin.

One of the many demonstrations.

The River Rats
One of the six groups who played, sang, and joked at the evening performance.

Some of the instruments were new to us. This song was faster than a polka.
She could move her fingers at the speed of light while picking and strumming.

The youngest group, Spare Change.
Notice the bare feet on the guitar player.

One of four groups around the town hall.
We just floated from group to group. There were extra chairs to us to "set" on.

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