West Memphis, Arkansas
America's Best Campground
August 26
2023 miles and 23 days into the trip.

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We stopped in West Memphis at a campground called "America's Best Campground." Actually it was only a good campground. Too many trees and our satellite dish would not work. They did not have any cable, like many of the campgrounds on this trip. We had more cable in Alaska then here in Arkansas.

Heidi and kids might remember the spare rib place we ate at in 2001, Corky's. They have the best spare ribs in the US. I meant to take a picture of their sign after we ate, but I was too full!

After stuffing ourselves with ribs we headed for Graceland. It was dark but we felt that with the aid of flashlights we could find Heidi's name on the Graceland wall. I still have the pictures we took in 2001 on my laptop computer, so we did have high hopes. It was so late that all of the tourists were gone and we were all alone.

In front of the Graceland wall.
Getting ready to look for Heidi's printing.

I printed out the pictures from our 2001 trip of Heidi writing on the wall.
Mom is using those pictures to search the wall.

August 16, 2001
Heidi writing on the Graceland Wall, Veronica walking away looking at the wall.
Every other section of the wall had that brick circle pattern. We felt that when we found one with the big heart drawn above the brick pattern and the white flagstone on top we would be able to find Heidi's name.

We found the correct brick pattern which has the white flagstone on top.
Is seems that all of the writings from pre 2003 have soaked into the stone and can no longer be seen. Mom is pointing to the area where Heidi printed her name.
As you can see, the big heart is long gone also.

Heidi's name as it appeared in 2001.
Notice the point of the stone on the left.

This is the same area but in 2005.
Wendy's name now is in that position.
Heidi, your name is now inside the stone.

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