Hilton Head, SC
Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA) Motorhome Resort
September 1 - 5, 2005
2833 miles and 33 days into the trip.

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The Hilton Head ORA Motorhome Resort is only for Class A and Class C motorhomes. The ORA park we stayed at in Oregon was also a Motorhome only park, and most of those motorhomes cost $250K to over $1 million. In Oregon we had the cheapest motorhome in the park. At Hilton Head we are in the middle.

It is interesting to see so many class A motorhomes in one location. About 75% of are from GA, SC, and NC. This ORA we would rate as the most lush and tropical resort. All 401 sites in the resort have been sold, 15 are up for resale. Even though it is much closer to home, we both feel that ORA Melbourne Beach would be a much better fit for us. So some day we will start playing the lottery! Once you buy a site you start to give up major traveling and we are not ready to do that.

On the beach at Hilton Head.
We walked 20 minutes to get away from the crowd at the public beach. This seems to be a very hard and fine sand, when you step in 3 inches of water here you cannot see your toes. The sand just stays suspended in the water for over 100 yards. (A mask and snorkel will do no good here.) We walked for 40 minutes on the beach and only saw two sea gulls.
At Melbourne Beach we are use to seeing many pelicans, sandpipers, Ibis, Blue Herons, Great White Herons, and Sea Gulls! We miss the wildlife and clear water from Melbourne Beach. I guess if we rated beaches, we would put Florida's Emerald Coast as the cleanest water with the whitest sand and Melbourne Beach as the best all around for clean water, wildlife, soft sand, and minimum commotion. The rocky coasts of Maine, Oregon, and Washington are in a category by themselves.

Listening to music and waiting for a table at the Oyster Factory.
Everyone on the deck is waiting for their beepers to light.

Listening to music and watching the sunset while waiting for a table.

Doing laundry at Outdoor Resorts.
As soon as the clothes are folded you get to jump into the pool.

Making Ben's Pork for dinner.

We did not bring our bikes or tennis racquets.
The pool and tennis courts are just across the street.
This would have been a great park to ride the bikes.

While Mom was at the pool she kept watching these yellow butterflies landing on the Hibiscus. She wanted me to take a picture. So here is one.

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