To Savannah, GA
Stein RV Park
August 29 -31
2782 miles and 28 days into the trip.

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Hurricane Katrina is now west of us and heading north. We wanted to stop in Perry, GA to tour the Bluebird Wonderlodge motorhome factory. When we pulled into the campground in Perry we found out that their pool was closed. So we continued south an extra 15 miles to find a campground which had a pool open. Actually, it was very lucky that we did go farther south. We were on the east side of Katrina and that night a tornado touched down and destroyed the road between Perry and the Bluebird factory. So, we decided to pass up the tour. (I doubt if they had the tour anyway.)

Twin Oaks RV Park - Elko, GA
A very clean and well manicured RV Park out in the middle of nowhere, GA.
The satellite dish worked great.

We had to leave the pool because it started to rain
and we did not want to get wet??
We read our books and then decide to get into the hot tub.

Now Mom wants a hot tub in the back yard!

The owners of the Stein RV Park.
As you can see from the spots on the picture, it was raining.

Outdoor Resorts Motorhome Park at Hilton Head.

They have one large pool for the whole campground.
That is our motorhome in the center background.

Mom is that little green dot on one of the lounges.

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