Murrells Inlet, SC
Huntington Beach State Park
September 6 - 11, 2005
3028 miles and 38 days into the trip.

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We left Hilton Head and headed for Myrtle Beach to visit Arlene. We also started keeping an eye on tropical depression 14 which is forming in the Atlantic.

The gas prices have really gone up since Katrina tore up the pipelines. We feel good now when we only have to pay $2.99 a gallon. Since Savannah, the prices really fluctuate between stations and also from day to day. I'm sure that New York State prices are much higher than we have been paying.

We decide to stay here at Huntington Beach because someone we met at a previous campground last spring highly recommended it. He said that it was right on the ocean. Well, the state park is right on the ocean but it is about 250 yards to the beach from the campground. Mom was hoping to be able to see the ocean from the motorhome. The Ocean Lakes campground, which we usually stay at, is really much better. We can see the ocean from the motorhome and it is only about 5 blocks from Arlene's house.

It is always great seeing Arlene.
Feels like we just saw each other yesterday.

She is always so color coordinated. - She matches the wreath and flowers.
I wonder if she changes them depending on what she plans to wear each day?

On her sun porch - Catching up on what our families have been doing.
That's a golf course behind her back yard. She had a knee replaced several months ago and can presently only play 9 holes. She hopes to be back playing 18 holes in the near future. That is great for being 79!

The sea is getting rougher.
The tropical storm now has a name, Ophelia and is almost stationary.
I guess she is waiting for us to move north.

The trail to the beach from the State Park campground.

There is a causeway which connects the State Park to the highway. It passes through a wildlife area which has many alligators. Here are three which are talking about the days activities while sunning themselves.

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