Virginia Beach, VA
Outdoor Resorts
September 12 - 17, 2005
3423 miles and 45 days into the trip.

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After leaving Myrtle Beach we spent one night at a campground on I-95 in Enfield, NC. - waiting to see what Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ophelia is going to do. She seems to be either standstill or just barely moving. She even keeps changing between tropical storm and hurricane. So we decided to head for Outdoor Resorts at Virginia Beach. Because Outdoor Resorts will not give refunds, we just paid one day at a time. Each morning we would listen to The Weather Channel and then decided to stay another day. We only planned to stay 4 nights but stayed for 6. There is an air show at Oceana Navel Air Station this weekend which we may attend. The Blue Angels are one of the groups performing. Also, Oceana NAS may be closing because of the BRAC recommendations. It is the Navy's only master jet base on the east coast. If it closes it's jets will move to Florida. It reminds me of the base I was stationed at in California. We never thought that NAS Miramar (where they made the movie Top Gun) would ever be deactivated. But it was and then given to the Marines.

Outdoor Resorts at Virginia Beach
These sites are wider than the ones at Melbourne Beach.
Because they only have short trees, my satellite TV worked.

Those of you who have camped here will recognize the clubhouse and pool area.
Notice the large building going up on the beach in the background.

Mom likes sitting in the sun, I like the shade.
I do sit in the sun after I get out of the pool, until I dry off.

Mom setting up in the sun.

The sea is getting rougher and the wind is around 20 - 25 MPH.
Ophelia is passing east of Myrtle Beach and heading for Cape Hatteras.

This is the large condo going up almost across the street from Outdoor Resorts. I'm not sure how many units they have.

This is what happens when the wind gets up to 35 MPH.
There were guys with front-end loaders "sand plowing" driveways. The owners contracted them the same as we contract for snow plowing. The town was using front-end loaders to move sand off of the road and to open the beach access paths. The night Ophelia passed by Virginia Beach we had heavy rain with 40 - 45 MPH winds with gusts to 50 MPH. It covered over everything that was cleaned up the day before.

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