Rehoboth Beach, DE
Big Oaks Campground
September 18, 2005
3620 miles and 46 days into the trip.

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After staying 6 nights at Outdoor Resorts in Virginia Beach (only 4 planned) it was hard to leave. It is the off season so we had the pool and beach to ourselves.

The last night at Outdoor Resorts, hurricane Ophelia was passed and the evening was very calm. The sunset was outstanding, so I added a couple of pictures.

However, about 3 in the morning a huge thunder storm came up. Very high winds, a very drenching rain which was almost horizontal, and continuous lightning. The winds were much worse than we felt during the hurricane.

We planned to stay at Delaware Shores State Park, which is on the ocean beach just south of Rehoboth Beach. But they were full, so we ended up at Big Oaks Campground. It is about 3 miles from the ocean.

Sunset over Back Bay at Virginia Beach Outdoor Resorts
The sun is behind the clouds, notice the rays above the clouds.

The sun is almost down now.

On the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.
Notice that each light pole had a Seagull resting on top.

After the road bends right ahead it goes down into the second tunnel.
The ocean freighters and Navy ships pass over the tunnels.

Rehoboth Beach
We are not use to seeing more then several people on the beach!

The water was calm, clear and warm.

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