Point Judith, Road Island - Part B
Fisherman's Memorial State Park
September 20 - 22, 2005
4002 miles and 50 days into the trip.

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We made a side trip to Newport, RI. It is a very picturesque New England harbor town. I did plan to tour a competition and custom sail boat factory, but that did not work out. We did drive around the town and harbor area boat yards. Saw many very large yachts in drydock being refurbished.

There are also many mansions which are available to tour as well as a scenic Cliff Walk which loops along the rocky coast line and behind many of the mansions.

So we toured one of the largest mansions and walk on a section of the Cliff Walk.

The Breakers - Cornelius Vanderbilt's summer home
This 138,000 square foot mansion was only used from mid-July to mid-August. It covers 1.1 acres of their 11 acres property. The ballroom is 50' wide, 50' long, and 50' high. Because it was only used in the summer, it only had minimum heating capability. Most of the trim work on the first floor, inside the mansion, was done in gold. The ceilings and walls were painted like the Sistine Chapel. It reminded us of the palaces we toured in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The view off the terrace of the Breakers.
We were not allowed to take pictures inside the house.

Walking on the Cliff Walk trail.

The rear view of one of the many mansions seen on the Cliff Walk.

After all of the sight seeing and hiking on the beach, it is time to rest!

Enjoying retirement.

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