We have now camped in every state!

(including 5 nights on a cruise ship in Hawaii)

Williamstown, Vermont - Part A
Limehurst Lake Campground
September 23 - 26, 2005
4288 miles and 54 days into the trip.

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The last two states combined the best of what we both like, Ocean and Mountains. The harbor towns and beaches of Road Island, and the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was a great way to complete camping in every state.

We still have two lists to complete; visit every National Park which is reachable by car; and camp in every Canadian Province.

There are presently 55 National Parks; we have been to 34; and there are 10 which cannot be reached by paved road. (actually, there are 13 which cannot be reached by paved road, but we cruised to 3 - Virgin Islands NP; Volcanoes NP, HI; and Glacier Bay NP, AK.) So we still have 11 National Parks to visit.

In Canada we still have to visit Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and New Foundland.

At our first stop in Vermont we are camping on Limehurst Lake in the Green Mountains. The Green Mountains are similar to the Adirondacks.

When we stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center we picked up some great brochures about points of interest. It was one of the best welcome centers which we have stopped at. Besides the mountains, there is a lot to see in northern Vermont. So, we will probably spend more time here than planned.

Site 54 at Limehurst Lake Campground

The first two days here it was sunny and warm in the sun.
At night it dropped into the low 40's.
The last two days it was cold and rainy.

One of the attractions we found out about at the Welcome Center was this concert. It was at the Barre Opera House, which is about 20 minutes north of the campground.
The performance was put on by the Barre-Tones. They consist of a group of local women who like barbershop singing. There is about 4 established quartets but they also sing as a group. The program also had two local men's barbershop quartets plus a men's quartet (Men in Black) which won the 2005 National Collegiate gold medal.

Inside the Barre Opera House
They told me that I could not take pictures after the show started.

The Berre-Tones
I just had to take one picture. It was a great 2 1/2 hour performance.

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