Williamstown, Vermont - Part B
Limehurst Lake Campground

Rock of Ages Granite Manufacturing
Graniteville, Vermont

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The Rock of Ages granite quarry is located in Graniteville.
Rock of Ages is North Americas largest Granite producer.
Graniteville, Vermont is about 20 miles north of the campground.

Rock of Ages has 5 quarries located in the US and one in Ukraine. Each quarry produces a different color granite. Their manufactured products include: memorials, mausoleums, monuments, satatuary, huge granite rollers, and granite tables which are flat within .002" and are used in machine shops and factories for making accurate measurements.

As an example of one of their large memorials;
they manufactured the WW-II memorial for Washington D.C.

They also sell granite to other manufacturers for applications such as kitchen counter tops.

The Rock of Ages Visitors Center.
Their 350,000 square foot manufacturing building is located in back.

On the guided tour.
We took the school bus from the visitors center to the top of the quarry.

The quarry is 550 deep. They are going down to 600 feet, then will make it wider. The field is 10 miles deep but the granite gets too dense below 600 feet and dulls the cutting tools too fast.
The next picture blows up the center of this pictue.

The granite is first cut into huge 10'h x 15'w x 40'l.
Most of these huge blocks are then cut into 5x5x10 and removed from the quarry and sent to manufacturing. For the large rollers, which are used in the paper and other industries, the blocks are 5x5x40.

This is one of the derricks used to move and lift the blocks out of the bottom of the quarry. Notice the yellow box at the bottom. That is how the workers are lowered and raised when they go to work, to lunch, and then at quitting time.
The ladders zig-zagging up the side wall are an emergency exit route when there are problems with the derrick.

Mom listening to the tour guide answer her question.

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