Williamstown, Vermont - Part C
Limehurst Lake Campground

Rock of Ages Granite Manufacturing
Graniteville, Vermont

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Touring Rock of Ages 350,000 square foot manufacturing plant.

Now this is what I call a large radial arm saw!
Cutting a 5'x5'x15' block of red granite into narrow slabs for memorials.
It cuts through 15 square feet of granite per hour.

One of four large bays in the memorial manufacturing area.
On the far end they cut the slabs received from the "radial arm saw" into the block sizes needed for each ordered item. Then the blocks are polished on as many sides as needed for the order. Then most are put into the etching area which is in the foreground. The first step in etching is sandblasting through a stencil.

Looking into the manufacturing area from the visitors platform.

After sandblasting, diamond hand tools are used to fine tune the etching.

Two of the statues which are almost ready to ship.
Notice the fancy memorial in the background.

They are always looking for new products.
Here is a bowling alley made with one large piece of granite. It was built as a test case and is now used by employees during lunch and breaks.
They installed several alleys in a local bowling alley but they the bowlers did not like them. They tried to sell some around the US but nobody wanted any!

Mom took her turn at bowling on a granite alley.
The alley has been outside in the weather for over 10 years. Employees and visitors have been stepping on it during that time and there are no scratches.

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