Colbyville, Vermont
Stopping at Ben & Jerry's on our way to Shelburne.
September 27, 2005

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Our drive from Williamstown to Shelburne took us near the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory. They got their start in Burlington, Vermont but had to expand their factory and the best land deal was here a Colbyville.

It is interesting how they got started. They were friends from 1st. grade. Each tried other occupations and failed. Then they pooled their money and signed up for one correspondence course at Penn State on making ice cream. Together they passed the course and then opened an ice cream business in an abandoned garage in Burlington, Vermont. They wanted their ice cream to be healthy and with no additives. Their business took off and they had to build a new factory in Colbyville. They still have the same standard. They know the source of each of the ingredients. There are factories in other states and even one in Iseral. But, this is the largest and supplies 85% of all Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Ben & Jerry have sold the business but continue to consult.

Getting ready to go into the factory for the tour.

We were not allowed to take pictures inside the factory.
This is the stairway leading to the factory visitors balcony.
The factory was very clean and also very colorful. Ben & Jerry were always looking for a fun theme. To this day they have a free ice cream cone day on their anniversary. They also donate a lot to charity.

Mom looking at the introduction of the various flavors timeline.
They spend as much time deciding on a name for a flavor as developing the flavor. All names should be fun sounding.

The tour consisted of a 15 minute movie then a walk through the factory.
The tour ended up in this tasting room. They had two flavors for us to try.

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