Shelburne, Vermont
Shelburne Camping Area
September 27 - 29, 2005
4352 miles and 57 days into the trip.

Shelburne Farms Tour

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One of the points of interest in this area is the Shelburne Farm.

It was founded by Lila Vanderbilt Webb, daughter of Cornilius Vanderbilt. The Webb's wanted to establish a model farm, one which other farmers would learn from. They raised sheep, Jersey dairy cattle, Brown Swiss dairy cattle, Hackney horses, pigs, poultry and gaming pheasants. Farm products such as milk, butter, pork, lamb, pears, apples, eggs, cheese, and vegetables were used by the farm and also sold in New York City.

The 1886 Shelburne House (now called the Inn) was the Webbs' residence only from May to October and during holidays. It was elegant yet comfortable, and outfitted with the most up-to-date domestic technologies such as indoor plumbing and electric lighting. Its style and size (25 bedrooms) were well suited to a constant stream of guests.

The farm still raises and grows much of the food served at the Inn. Shelburne Farms' mission has evolved too: to cultivate a conservation ethic in students, educators and the general public by teaching and demonstrating the stewardship of natural and agricultural resources. There are formal classes during the school year and all summer long. The demand for the summer classes is so large that they have to use a lottery system. Teachers can also take courses in agriculture which earn college credit from the University of Vermont. They can also bring their students here during the school year.

The Barn at Shelburne Farm.
It is a farm and teaching facility now for 1st. to 6th. graders.
We toured the classrooms which are in the barn and, weather permitting, also float around the various pens and gardens on the outside. Classes were going on while we were here and we got to see the teachers and kids in action.

In this classroom the kids learn where the different cuts of meat come from.
They take pieces out of the baskets and place them on the wall the in the position of where the cuts come from.

The kids are helping round up the chickens and get them into the barn.
The chickens have to walk up the ramp and into the little doorway.
The kids feed the chickens and also have the chance to pick them up.

Cheese making in the barn.
They only use the milk from the Brown Swiss cows for cheese.
The cows are not fed hormones and the Brown Swiss can produce more milk without hormones than Jersey cows.

The tour guide explaining how the cheese is processed and packaged.

The Inn at Shelburne Farm
This was the summer home for Vanderbilt Webb.

Touring the Inn at Shelburne Farm.

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