Shelburne, Vermont
Shelburne Camping Area
September 27 - 29, 2005
4352 miles and 57 days into the trip.

Dakin Farms

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Another of the large working farms in the area is Dakin Farms.
Their main products include; maple syrup, cheese, smoked meats, honey, jams, and other items. Their farm store had each of their products displayed at a unique counter/display and provided as many taste samples as you wanted.

Watching a movie about Dakin Farms.
This is the maple syrup boiling system.

The smoke house. There are 4 large stainless steel smokers.
The trays contain sausages which have just been removed from the smoker.

Burning the maple sugar coating on the smoked hams.
These hams are like the Honey Baked Hams we buy in Syracuse.

Looking into the smoke house windows.
The counter on the right is their Chutney display and tasting counter.

They have a very large farm store.
The maple syrup tasting counter. - They market four different maple syrups.
Everywhere you looked there are displays with tasting counters for meats, honey, sausages, jams, jellys, bakery, pickeled items, ... you wanted to buy everything you tasted.

Looking west over Lake Champlain at the Adirondack mountains while driving back to the campground. Whiteface mountain is the peak just to the left of center and in the far distance.

The Green mountains of Vermont.
This picture was taken looking east from the same spot as the one taken above looking west to the Adirondacks.

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