Shelburne, Vermont
Shelburne Camping Area
September 27 - 29, 2005
4352 miles and 57 days into the trip.

Dinner at the Inn at Shelburne Farm
Having Dinner at the Vanderbilt's

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One of the advantages to having dinner here is that you can walk around the Inn and see things which we could not see on the tour. We showed up early for dinner and had time to walk around. We also had a very quiet and peaceful after dinner stroll.

Mom had the chance to play a very old grand piano in the library.

Steak tartare appetizer.
Mom has really been developing a keen sense of taste.
That is a quail egg on top. I had a very good quail appetizer.

Time for some very good entree's.
My Lamb Shanks were raised on the Shelburne Farm.

After dinner drinks in the library.

Working on a very interesting puzzle.
It contains pictures of 20 - 25 mansions.

Shooting pool on an early 1900 slate pool table in the smoking room.
(The table was restored.)

Most of the furniture in this part of the inn is original.
This is a hand carved throne from the late 1890's.

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