Corinth, New York
Alpine Lake RV Resort
September 30 - October 2, 2005
4459 miles and 60 days into the trip.

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We had a hard time deciding which way to return home from Vermont. I planned to head north and then over to the 1000 islands area, then home.

But, most of the campgrounds in northern Vermont close October 1st. So we decided to head south to Lake George on NY-9N. Heading south on NY-9N, is a very picturesque drive along the western shore of Lake George. When we got to Lake George we found no campgrounds on the lake. So we continued to just wander toward the southwest on NY-9N. With Mom looking in the Woodalls catalog for a campground on a lake. Boy are we spoiled!

We passed through Lake George and continued on 9N toward Saratoga Springs. As we passed through Corinth, Mom found a campground in Woodalls which sounded good. It turned out to be a very good campground. If it was closer to home it would be an ideal campground for a family get together. But a little on the expensive side. It was a nice end to our east coast swing at this campground. They have 500 sites with full hookups, 8 cabins/park models, and 33 tent sites.

Our site was on a very narrow strip of land between two lakes. We could look out the front of the motorhome and see Woodland Lake, and out the back/patio and see Alpine Lake. In fact the rear of the motorhome was almost hanging over the water. The weather was great; sunny with a little wind the first day; then sunny and calm the next two days. We only planned to stay two nights and extended an extra day because the weather and campground were so good.

The view in back of the motorhome.

The view in front of the motorhome.

Looking back at the motorhome across the lake.
Our motorhome is in the opening to the right of center.

The lake with no wind. The reflection on the water is so good,
you could almost turn the picture over and see the same thing.

They also have cabins and park models. These air-conditioned cabins overlook a very scenic pond with a fountain spraying water about 20 feet in the air.

A inside look at a cabin.
The steps on the right go up to the mattress covered loft.

Our neighbors, from Albany and New Jersey, fished all day long.
This is one of 12 bass they caught. Actually it could be the same one which was caught 12 times. You catch and release here so the lakes are full of fish.

The view we were forced to look at whenever we were in the motorhome!

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