Nashville, TN
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Camp Resort - Part A
July 26 - August 3
1553 miles and 16 days into the trip.

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While we were in Savannah we noticed that our air conditioner was not working properly.
Called the local Winnebago dealer but they could not see us until mid August.
Called the dealer in Nashville and they could not see us until second week in August.
Using information from the internet I was able to troubleshoot the AC and determined that it was low on refrigerant. When we got to Nashville we made an appointment at Camping World. I gave them a list of everything I check. They worked over a half hour rechecking everything I did and said that the system is low on refrigerant and they do not recharge systems. Because they did not tell me anything new, they let me go without any charge. We went to the Winnebago dealer and talked with their service manager. He sounded very familiar with the AC and this problem, so we decided to stay an extra 4 days and have them do the recharge.

It has been in the 90's everyday since we left Savannah. The motorhome stays about 6 degrees lower than the outside temperature. This campground is very clean, has a large clean pool, and is 300 yards from Camping World and the Winnebago Dealer. It is also only a short mile away from The Grand Ole Opry and The Opry Mills mall.

Our campsite at Jellystone Camp Resort.

Enjoying the pool.
That is our motorhome in the background.

The Opry Mills is across the street from the Grand Ole Opry.
We had a very good meal at the Aquarium restaurant.

Aquarium restaurant
There is a large saltwater tank with colorful coral and many fish in the center of the restaurant with tables all around. Smaller tanks are located in various locations around the restaurant and bar.

There are also many sharks, rays, and eels.

Looking around the restaurant.

Mom resting after a large meal.

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