Nashville, TN
July 26 - August 3
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Camp Resort - Part C
1553 miles and 16 days into the trip.

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Down the road from the campground is the Opryland Hotel, Resort and Convention Center. It is a huge hotel with 4 large atriums, one is huge. Each atrium is surrounded by an independent hotel. It is what "Destiny" should be like!

Each of the hotel/atriums has a name; Cascades, Garden Conservatory, Magnolia, and Delta. Each also has shops and restaurants including at least one specialty restaurant.

It took us about 2 hours to walk around all of the atriums. While we were walking around we passed the convention center. Novartis was having a convention in one of the large rooms.

The Cascades Seafood Restaurant
This is only one quarter of the Cascades atrium.

Cascades Terrace Lounge
Surrounded by a lagoon with large fish, waterfalls, and tropical plants.

Ristorante Volare
Located in the Garden Conservatory. Notice the elevated walkways.
There were paths below which wound around fountains and many flowering plants.

Dancing waters in the Delta Atrium

Behind the dancing waters you can see a boat which travels around the atrium.

The Atrium's canel winds it's way through the various gardens.

A rest stop in the garden.

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