Nashville, TN
July 26 - August 3
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Camp Resort - Part D
1553 miles and 16 days into the trip.

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It's funny how things work out. Making an appointment to have the AC repaired at an unknown shop is really a worry. Especially being a Yankee in Rebel country! Luke found the repair shop on the internet for us while we were in Savannah. (My computer was overheating to fast it the high heat while in Savannah.)

Cullum & Maxey Camping Center is Nashville's Winnebago dealer. As it turns out they are a very efficient repair shop. They also let me stand along side the technician while he was working. Most repair shops will not allow you in the work area. Every step of the way he explained to me what he was doing and why.

One interesting thing about this repair shop is that the workers continuously ask each other for comments on what they are doing. After it was determined that the AC#1 had zero refrigerant the technician called the Service Manager over and discussed the symptoms and his conclusions. The Service Manager then called the AC manufacture to discuss the symptoms.

The job required 6 hours to complete and we expected twice as much as was charged.

In the shop waiting for the fun to start.

AC removed. - These AC's are closed systems.
They do not have taps to check pressure or refrigerant level.

AC#1's copper tube has been drilled and waiting for a tap to be inserted and soldered. After the tap was installed a vacuum test indicated a leak in the plumbing. A pressure test was then performed and the leak was found.

There is a kink in the second tube down. - It has a hairline crack on top.
This AC was never removed from the motorhome. Therefore, this kink had to be done at the factory. The AC has been operating on only AC#2. It was not a problem until the temperature went above 90 degrees. Unfortunately, the 2 year warranty was up in November 2005.

A close up of the crack.

To celebrate our last night in Nashville we ate at Alabama.
The food and entertainment was great.

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