Garden of the Gods Campground

Colorado Springs, CO
August 10-14, 2721 miles and 27 days into the trip.

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After leaving Nashville we decided to travel through the states of Illinois, Missouri and Kansas without sightseeing. We did camp in each state but just lazed around the campground pools for 5 days. The campgrounds were in desolate farm country but they did have good pools. I'm sure there are things to see and do in each of the states, but we wanted to save the sightseeing for the mountains.

Mom reviewed the campgrounds while we were driving and she selected a real good one here in Colorado Springs. Besides being a good campground with things to do, it is centrally located to the various sights which we want to see.

Our campsite is at the end of this road.
That is Pike's Peak in the background, the peak is covered with clouds.

The campground is 6008 feet above sea level.
This is what happens to sealed packages which were bought in New York.

Edelweiss Restaurant.
Another one of Mom's great finds - Outstanding German food and service.

They also had roving entertainment.

The campground also had various dinners and pancake breakfasts.
We attended the Sunday BBQ. Enjoyed talking with other campers and the servers. The fellow sitting down owns a restaurant and catering service. He catered the BBQ.

After the BBQ they have an ice cream social with entertainment.

This is a lot of ice cream for one dollar.

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