Garden of the Gods - Part 1

Colorado Springs, CO
August 10-14, 2721 miles and 27 days into the trip.

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The Garden of the Gods property was donated by the original owner to the city with the stipulation that it remain free and open to the public. The city must maintain it and may never change it's intended use as a free nature park. Because the visitors center has a gift shop and sells guided tours, it had to be placed on an adjacent property.

At one time this area was at the bottom of an inland ocean.
The red rock was formed by ocean sediment over many years and then uplifted.

There is a paved road which winds it way through the park and many trails. Some of the main trails are also paved for use by the disabled.

The view from the Visitors Center.
The red rock formations are in the center of the park.
Pike's Peak is in the background.

One of the many paved trails winding through the red rock formations.

It's a great day for a easy hike.

Some of the formations are small but interesting.

We decided to just watch the kids climb.

Mom is sitting with her eyes closed and trying to hear the inland ocean!
That is one of the trails we hiked on. It circles the large rock formations.

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