Garden of the Gods - Part 2

Colorado Springs, CO, August 10 - 14
2721 miles and 27 days into the trip.

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Not all of the trails are paved. To get to some of the more remote sights you have to hike on rough trails with large elevation changes. We selected one of the easier ones. The Garden of the Gods is at 6350 feet above sea level, so the hiking is very tiring.

This is the trail to the Siamese Twins.
It is up hill all the way.

Time to rest and have some water.
Our car is down in the valley.

We are almost there. Just one more rest before stepping through to the top.

The Siamese Twins.
When we got to the top there was a crew filming a PBS show for children 6-12 years. It will be shown next year on "Fetch". They asked us to step aside while they film. So we got to hear what the kids and naturalist were talking about.

Notice the hole at the bottom which is formed by the bases that the twins are setting on (just above the kids heads).

When you look through the hole, you can see Pike's Peak.
The top of Pike's Peak is in the clouds today!

Our last rest before heading back down to the car.
Down hill all the way.

Balanced Rock.
This is one we could see close up from the car.

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