Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, CO, August 10 - 14
2721 miles and 27 days into the trip.

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Our last sightseeing trip in Colorado Springs was to the Air Force Academy. We enjoyed the tour but did not have the freedom to roam the campus like we had at West Point. We were only allowed to visit the Visitors Center, Chapel, and Field House. Maybe since 911 West Point has changed also.

We toured the field house but had no escort or floorplan. So I'm sure we did not see everything. What we did see was very clean and top notch: Ice Rink, Indoor Track, and Basketball Court. We did not see the many other sporting areas like: swimming, handball, wrestling, fencing, boxing,.. - all the areas which stood out at West Point because of their size.

To get to the Visitor Center you have to drive about 3 - 4 miles around the campus. The campus is huge. While driving to the Visitors Center we passed the outdoor athletic fields. This is only one third of the fields. If I turn the camera to the right you can see more soccer, football, and other practice areas. Their football stadium is located in another area.

Entering the Visitor Center.
They have a nice introductory movie and displays.

The Chapel.

The Protestant chapel.

The Catholic chapel.

The mall area with classroom buildings in the background.
It was fenced off from visitors. Classes are going on so only stragglers are walking around.

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