Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - Part 1

Country Village RV Resort, Montrose, Colorado
August 17-23, 3,120 miles and 36 days into the trip.

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It was hard to leave Great Sand Dunes National Park. We enjoyed the quietness and sights of the small National Park. To get to our next destination, we crossed over the Sawatch Mountains at Monarch Pass which is 11,312 feet. That is now the highest we climbed in any RV.
We did climb to 12,183 feet in a car at Rocky Mountain NP in 1975.

We are still only traveling on US and State highways. The interstate is many miles away and at most time so is a cell tower. The sights along US 50 are great.

Black Canyon of the Gunnisson gets it name from the Gunnison River which cuts through very hard black rock. It is the only canyon which is narrower than it is deep. It is 1,100 feet wide and 1,820 feet deep at itís narrowest point. The Grand Canyon is 6,000 feet deep but over 4 miles wide at itís narrowest point

Our highest pass with an RV.

Our campsite at Country Village RV Resort.

The swimming pool is partially covered by the "barn."
The spa is in the shed on the left.

We spent most after noons in the pool and spa.

Mom doing her exercises in the pool.

They only had one lounge chair. Mom seemed to get it every day.
Our motorhome is just up the road.

Inside the "Barn."
They have a stage and held many activities here.
The laundry was also located in the Barn.

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