Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park - Part 3

Country Village RV Resort, Montrose, Colorado
August 17-23, 3,120 miles and 36 days into the trip.

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As the river moves down through the canyon, the canyon gets deeper. The deepest point is near the end of the canyon and it is 2,722 feet.

The drive along the south rim has many view points. Each of them showing a different view and perspective of the canyon. We stopped at almost all of them.

This is the view of the "painted wall" which is a 2,250 foot sheer wall.
The painted wall is on the north rim.

I climbed out on some rocks away from the view point to get this shot.
At the view point the camera could not see the wall and the river.

As the canyon nears it's end, it gets wider.

The viewpoint looking west towards the Grand Valley where the canyon ends.

The end of the canyon.
Our campground is in Montrose which is in the Grand Valley.

On the road to the eastern end of the National Park.
This road is an 18% down grade and takes you down to the river.
You’re supposed to use 1st gear but the Saturn will only allow to select 2nd gear as the lowest. So I had to stop twice and let the brakes cool.

Two fishermen in the Gunnison.

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