Capitol Reef National Park - Part 1

Thousand Lakes RV Resort, Torrey, Utah
August 25-30, 3,408 miles and 43 days into the trip.

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The drive from Montrose, CO, to Torrey, UT, was very interesting. While on state highways it was very lonely. I guess this part of the country is not too well traveled. In fact while we were on Interstate 70 (just for a short time) the sign indicated that there were no service for 110 miles on the Interstate. In Alaska we had services at least every 50 miles.

In this part of the country it is very barren and homes are very few and far between. Were not sure how people can live like that.

Mom selected a very good campground again. We only planned to stay 2-4 nights and actually stayed 6. We liked the campground, the friendly people, and Capitol Reef National Park.
We did not have any cell phone connection (no towers for any company) or cable TV. (We roughed it with our Satellite TV) It was funny seeing the line of people waiting to use the pay phone at the campground. Because most of them are used to talking all the time on the cell phone, they feel they have to communicate every hour. I guess Mom and I don't use the cell phone enough.

The campground had home baked muffins most mornings (you had to order the day before) which we enjoyed. They also had a Western Cookout every weekday evening. We enjoyed that two nights and each night met interesting people. A family we met at the first Western Cookout are from Stuttgart, Germany and are traveling in a rented Class C motor home. They are making the Grand Circle trip (Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonland national parks. We have met many Germans renting motor homes and making that trip. The only problem is that they only stay one night in most places. That is not enough to see the parks.
At the second Cookout we met two couples, one from Alabama the other from New Orleans, but now spends their time in Destin, FL.

Our site was on the end of a row and had a great view of the Reef.

Of course we were close to the heated pool.
It was great to come back from a warm hike in the NP and jump into the pool.

Relaxing after a hike.

The view we saw every day. It was only cloudy for part of one day.
The wind blew every day and we enjoyed the sound of the wind blowing leaves in the tree ouside our bedroom windows. (which we kept open every night.)

The family we met at the first Western Cookout.
Thomas, Susanne and their daughter, Svenja, are from Stuttgart, Germany. After the meal they came over to our motor home for a drink and more talking. It was about 10 PM when they left. Wish we could have continued the next day but they had to leave for Arches NP. After seeing the NP's they will spend some time on a ranch in Arizona so the ladies can ride horses and Thomas can play golf.

US Post Office, Torrey, UT.
It is only open 9:30 to 1:30 (sharp) and there is no mail delivery. Everyone must pick up their mail. Because some people live 10-20 miles away and on dirt roads, they only pick up their mail once a week.

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