Capitol Reef National Park - Part 3

Thousand Lakes RV Resort, Torrey, Utah
August 25-30, 3,408 miles and 43 days into the trip.

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This was our first venture off paved roads in the park. At the end of the paved 13 mile Scenic Drive is the unpaved 2 mile Capitol Gorge gravel road. It is actually a dry river bed which is graded after rains to remove mud and large stones and to make it some what level. These unpaved roads are called "maintained roads." At the end of the gravel road is a trail which winds it's way through the gorge for another mile.

On the Capitol Gorge road.

After each turn is a new sight.

On the Capitol Gorge trail.

Looking a some of the petroglyphs along the trail.

"The Tanks."
I left Mom down in the gorge and climbed a trial which wound its way for 0.3 miles up the side of the of the gorge 450 feet to these hollowed out areas. They are about 2-3 feet deep and were hollowed out over the years by rushing water.

On the way back I decided to go off the trail and head to the edge of the
gorge to look down on Mom. I came across more tanks and this bridge.

That little blue dot on the trail, about 1" from the bottom of the picture is Mom.

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