Capitol Reef National Park - Part 4

Thousand Lakes RV Resort, Torrey, Utah
August 25-30, 3,408 miles and 43 days into the trip.

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Another car/hike was on the Grand Wash road and trail. At the end of the 1 mile maintaind road is the trailhead. The trail continues for 2 1/4 miles into the gorge. We hiked for 1 1/2 miles which took us through the narrows. Then we turned around and returned to the car.

Resting along the trail.

I asked Mom for a rose to put in my mouth.
She is looking for a cactus plant!

Some parts of the trail are narrow.

Some parts are wide but packed with stones.

Were approaching the narrows.

On the way out of the narrows.

Were almost back to the car.

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